The College buildings are centrally located in Nepalgunj. The spacious building houses class rooms, laboratories, demonstration rooms, conference room, library, offices for management and faculty staff, canteen, examination, section and a guard house. This acquisition also enables MPPS to meet the criteria set by Pharmacy Council of Nepal Nursing Council.


The college has different type of laboratory rooms according to the study subjects which are equipped with all the necessary laboratory articles like working table, dummy human body and its various system, chemicals, machines, glassware, demonstrative posters and all other items required in the specific laboratory.


MPPS maintains a library with necessary books and journals. This collection is ever growing as student advance in their fields of studies. MPPS plans to make substantial additional of reference materials to its present stock so that it can serve as Resource Centre for a wider use. The library is fitted with space for individual reading and group-study.

Computer Facility

A computer lab fitted with 10 DESKTOP COMPUTER is kept open to student for use 10 am to 5 pm. MPPS plans to add on to the existing computer facilities in the near future.


MPPS has been operating with its one 32 seated bus specifically for students visit to Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals and Community field Practices. Its location adjacent to the city has become very convenient in using public transport system for travel within the city both for students and staff alike.


MPPS also have its own canteen to provide neat and fresh snacks for the students as well staffs. And MPPS is also planning to expand the canteen facility.


The college has its own hostel with appropriate space for better living and study. However, the hostel facilities are limited to female candidates only.